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My Roof Repair provides and Installs Reflective Roof Coatings to help your maintain your current roof system. Reflective Roof Coatings save you money by significantly reducing your energy costs. If you have had problems with roof leaks and can not afford to replace it, the contact us for a free quote on our Roof coating products. 980-722-6892

Aluminum Roof Coating Aluminum Roof Coating

reflective roof coating with aluminum pigment and asphalt in a solvent system.
Reflects the sun's heat and UV rays. A single application provides a bright,
highly-reflective, weather-resistant surface.

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ROOF RECOVERY is a term used for applying a new system over the existing system which is approaching the end of its useful life.  This would normally become apparent in the form of isolated leaks, making the roof system at that time, unsatisfactory to the occupant.  In most of these cases, the roofs are physically in good condition and, with some minor repairs, provide a good substrate for the application of a reflective roof coating..  The application of a reflective roof coating System over a existing roof will give "cool roof" benefits at a fraction of the cost of replacement.  Another benefit of Roof Recovery System is that the warranties can be renewed and extended by a program of regular maintenance and coating. Contact us today for your free quote.Call 980722-6892